Women....and the Men who love them.
Couples....Our top Target Market.

Singles have many places to drink and dance and
shout over the noise while the Boys chase the Girls.
They dance to Rap and cruise with Pop-Rock blasting.

Grown-up Women and loving Couples have neither
the place nor the station with the right ambiance for
romance, relaxation, and peaceful personal pleasures.

WarmChills is both a place to go and a sweet sound
to hear - a Channel and a Venue - a comprehensive
Lifestyle Strategy for Lovers and Music Lovers.



  • 54% of US population
  • Control 74% of wealth
  • 72% of New Biz start-ups
  • 80% of spending decisions
  • Sensual
  • Erotic
  • Emotional
  • Practical
  • Peaceful
  • Patient
  • Sentimental
  • Curious
  • Collaborative
  • Loyal
  • Music Lovers

(more about Women)


Location Location Location

When -if ever- have you been to any music nightclub
where you could relax and hold an intimate conversation?
Where is the beautiful place you can whisper in her ear?
Here it is....WarmChills, your local Romantic Retreat.

  • Highrise Penthouse
  • Elegant old Hotel
  • Gutted Strip Mall
  • Gated Estate
  • Warehouse
  • Mobile !
  • YOUR property
  • Atlanta
  • San Francisco
  • Santa Monica
  • Manhattan
  • Miami
  • Sydney !
  • YOUR city

The Experience

  • Lovers' Music
  • Cushioned Lounges
  • Gossamer Fabrics
  • Mood Lighting
  • Multiple Zones
  • Intimate spaces
  • Garden/Roof decks
  • Shifting Floorplans
  • Acoustic Conversations!
  • Upscale Drinks
  • Healthy Beverages
  • Cultural Nibbles
  • Rotating Menus
  • Belly Dancers
  • Exotic Dancers
  • Demo Dancers
  • Firemongers
  • Gymnists
  • Soothsayers
  • Live Soloists

Radio has lost 70% of Women Listeners.
WarmChills will bring many back. With Love.
Using the original format which shaped the first
Music Lover Revolution that first birthed FM radio.

This is not another collection of the same ol' Love Songs.
Ours is a non-stop Soundtrack of Love-Making  Music.
Tantra. Kirtan. Spirit. Drone. Trance. Lounge. Lo-Fi. Chill.

Plus --with the right Sponsor(s)-- words of Wisdom
from legendary Sex Educators on The Arts of Bliss.


Our Sound

  • Chill
  • Lounge
  • Kirtan
  • Tantra
  • Lo-Fi
  • Trance
  • Drone
  • Acoustic
  • Blues
  • Ballads
  • Soul
  • Smooth Jazz
  • Worldbeat
  • Global Folk
  • Bio-rhythm

Our Media

  • Global webRadio
  • USA HD2 Radio
  • Weekend FM
  • Spa Subscriptions
  • Amazon CDs

(more about our expert Music)


Q. How much will it cost?
A. The Show Must Go On!

CFOs hate it when I speak these truths....
Truth is:  Talent can do any job at any price.
Truth is:  Better quality yields faster returns.
Truth is:  Who defines the Market, owns that Market.

Should NOT launch a Club with less than $500,000 in hand.
Should NOT launch a webChannel with less than $350,000.
Triple above for upscale elgance, promo, and sustainability.

Chill has been so big in Europe for so long, it's an institution.
In our new American economy, it's time to relax. And chill out.


More Is Better

  • Location
  • Real Estate
  • Offices
  • Politics
  • Legalities
  • Lots of Insurance
  • Bathrooms !
  • Kitchen
  • Servingware
  • Furnishings
  • Decor
  • Audio complex
  • Soundproofing
  • Lighting
  • more Lighting
  • Rooftop
  • Gardens
  • Parking
  • Inventory
  • Wardrobes
  • Staffing
  • Promotions
  • Community



  • Advertising & Marketing
  • HR | Benefits | Perks
  • Perishables

Options and Growth Potenial

Women....and the Men who love them.
Couples. This is our Target Market.

Radio has lost 70% of Women Listeners.




  • t

(more about The Music)


  • t

(more about The Music)



  • Advertising & Marketing
  • HR | Benefits | Perks
  • Legal & Administrative
  • Perishables

Public Service....at a Profit!

Stress Relief.

How much is that WarmChills worth today?

This Plan is

  • ...Innovative
  • ...Exclusive
  • ...Modular
  • ...Scalable
  • ...Targeted
  • ...Synergized

One Local Club

  • Liquor
  • Marijuana (California)
  • Food
  • Boutique sales
  • Soothsayers
  • Admissions
  • Memberships (?)

One Strip Mall

  • Our Restaurant
  • Upscale Liquor (retail)
  • Decadent Grocery
  • Exotic Spa
  • Clothing & Accessories
  • Weekend Retreat (rooms)


  • Franchise Clubs
  • Franchise Mini-Malls
  • Imports (Partners)

Warm Chills Music

  • Live Club DJ
  • Local Radio Nights
  • Private Events
  • Private Web Channel
  • Music downloads


  • Subscriptions (Pro Clubs)
  • Subscriptions (Pro Spas)
  • Music Sales (Ad budget)


  • 24/7 Global Web Channel
  • 24/7 HD2 Radio Channel
  • Weekend FM Barter Show
  • Cable/TV Infomercial


Your Most Dependable Partner: YOU

MEN control Radio.  MEN control nightclubs.
MEN in control? Testosterone-driven egos and greed.

WarmChills is FOR women - should be BY Women.
Skilled men are necessary to serve her Experience.
But Women must make all mission-critical decisions.

Not every Investor is obliged to sport high heels.
You are required to believe excellence will generate
rewards and success. Then shout it across your world.

We can begin with one modest local Lounge.
Or negotiate the Music Channel with one Sponsor.
The important thing is to launch a serious effort
to have serious fun. To birth this Labour for Love.


Our Dream Team

  • Women Investors
  • Global Investors
  • Lady Lawyers
  • Real Estate Mogul
  • Cool Restaurateur
  • Hot Spa Operator
  • Boutique Retailer
  • Fashion Designer
  • Hindu Importer
  • Den Mother
  • Talent Manager
  • Connected Publicist
  • Local Radio Station
  • Brand Name Sponsor(s)
  • Radio Syndicator
  • Marc Arno (Music Dir.)

One Win-Win-Win-Win-Win Solution

WarmChills is for Lovers.

Music Lovers (The Listeners)
No matter how many how many favorites
are stored in their iPods, people want and
need Tastemakers to discover new songs.

Music Lover (YOU, BrandCaster)
Your Brands support ALL The Artists!
Your Listeners know you pay the Artists.

Sales (YOU, Corporate Brand)

  • Purchase-driven Music Reward
  • Coupon redemption tracking
  • In-store impulse upsell
  • Loyalty to Music Lover "club"

webRadio (24/7 w/coupons)
Global reach for $100 per hour.
(available via your Branded -
couponed - monetized site).

HD Radio (24/7 one small Market)
Advt. contract buys Content control.
Home Station partners on Syndication.
Why? Reduced Web Royalties rates.

FM Radio (Weekend Syndication)
(Special) Barter show (4-hr Sat/Sun)
"free" to target/partner Stations.
Also doubles as weekly promo for
your HD2 24/7 Channel & Stream.

Cable/Television (advertainment)
Growth? Try our Cult Music Mash-Up
Midnight Saturday Showcase.

Sales (Partner - Amazon)

  • Download music - singles
  • Download music - collections
  • Mail Order - CDs & DVDs
  • Sales - HD2 hardware
  • Sales - Wireless headphones

The Long Version - still short and sweet



  • Women (and the Men who Love them)
  • Music (and the people who Love it)
  • Nightlife (and the Couples who seek it)
  • Romance (and a Soundtrack for Lovers)


  • Modular (start anywhere)
  • Scalable (grow everywhere)
  • Exclusive (Targeted Market)
  • Synergies (woven economics)


WarmChills makes Brand-new History.
Ancient Secrets repackaged for modern success.


The Music of Love - for Music Lovers
WarmChills is not the same old Top 40 Love Songs formula over and over.
Along with some familiar Ballads, most of our sound is a seamless blend
of the most erotic tracks from many clutures around the globe. This is
a soothing Soundtrack for intimate, endless Love-making.


Music is exeptionally cost-effective
There are countless benefits when you sponsor Music and not the Musicians. This choice spares you the myriad of problems inherent with all live performances - timing, logistics, weather, traffic, media, technologies, ticket sales, egos and human failures.... Recorded Music guarantees you are supplied with an endless variety of perfect performances from a single source to please any target audience of any size any-and-everywhere at precisely the same moment to create that shared experience you desire, including effortless delivery of all prepared messages you wish to convey to their attentive appreciative ears.


Environmental Considerations
Advertisers pay for all our "free" radio. Subscription fees pay for Music on cable, satellite,

PARKING has grown into a major factor in all Entertainment Destination decisions.
This, combined with the erosion in commerical real estate, makes a solid case to
purchase or partner with an older "dying" mini-mall or motel, providing it includes
substatial parking on-site, and is centrally located, convenient to key thoroughfares.
Should our location require paid parking, those revenues should flow to our coffers.

With Zoning issues grandfathered in at such a location, incremental rehab is faster
than new construction, Food and Beverage can be isolated within the complex,
and growth can occur one refurbished Theme Store at a time to increase daytime
traffic, public awareness, and ancillary Revenues.


Public? Private?  Both!
This is a decision determined first by Investors, then by the venue capacity and location.
For awareness, sustainability, and maximum revenues, we might offer separate areas,
unique services, V.I.P. nights and/or events catering to Members within a public facility.


Launching your Branded Music Channel is a flat-fee pay-go plug-and-play proposition. Simply add a "PLAY" button to your website(s) and count the clicks. Track the time. Measure coupon redemptions. Inform the Artists. Spread the joy. Google the buzz.


The Music Channel
One Music Service can generate multiple revenue streams.

PARKING has grown into a major factor in all Entertainment Destination decisions.
This, combined with the erosion in commerical real estate, makes a solid case to
purchase or partner with an older "dying" mini-mall or motel, providing it includes
substatial parking on-site, and is centrally located, convenient to key thoroughfares.
Should our location require paid parking, those revenues should flow to our coffers.



Our Creative Director - Marc Arno
You don't know him - yet his work is legendary.

Marc turned Pro in February 1966, creating the psychedelic lightshows at the Fillmore
in San Francisco. Historically, he is the highest-rated DJ at America's original Underground
FM station - Frisco's KMPX-FM. Ten years later, he turned off the computers at the very
corporate flagship KCBS-FM and invented the Dancemusic Format that replaced Disco.

In between, he built and DJayed the massive Frisco Disco: Dance Your Ass Off, Inc.
Afterward, with Barry White's company (Sound Unlimited Systems), they designed
and built 200+ dance and videotheque clubs.

In short, Marc Arno pioneered the development and programming of live, recorded,
and broadcast Music from the '60s thru the '80s. (view his other accomplishments)

WarmChills is the refinement of those many innovations, to serve