Coupons Radio - the simple, complete, win-win
B2C Loyalty Platform for National and Global Brands.

  1. Launch private Branded Music Channel
  2. Sell Specially-Marked Products w/Code
  3. Type Secret Code into Branded Website
  4. Enjoy generous gift of FREE Music mix
  5. Repeat.  Repeat.  Repeat!!!

Tastemakers Hand-crafted Automation
Key Formats
(choose one - or more)

Brand New Oldies
Maximum Music Mix

Warm Chills
Women and Loving Couples

BioRhythm Energy
Generational Bodymusic

Retro Sophisticate
Classical - Broadway - Big Band

Original Free-Form
Old School Tastemaker

Rock Hall Radio
From the Museum Archives

Additional Target Formats
and rare Talents available

Leverage the Legend

Marc At KMPX - 1971
Marketable Modesty (circa 1971)
  • "Mystery" Man
  • Cultural Icon
  • Historic Relic
  • Tastemaker (and)
  • Rebel DJ Archetype:
    "The Angry Librarian"

No, I'm not famous.
But yes, my work is.
That's the way I like it.
You should, too.

In 1966, free-form Underground Radio
was born at KMPX-FM, San Francisco.

CouponRadio's Program Director is
Marc Arno (Richardson) who is (still)
the highest-rated DJ ever at KMPX.

He is our pioneer tastemaker who wrote
the rules for a Music Lover Revolution
that changed our whole global culture.

Marc Arno could also be an Asset
in your larger Branded Music Portfolio.


Once upon a Time, Brands were
the "Stars" of radio & television.

Today, Your Brands could become
The Heroes Who Saved Music.

Everything Old is New again.
It has been 30 years since Music
was hand-mixed by segue DJs.

No chatty Celebrity. No Boss Jock.
We offer more modest Talent -
Music Lovers who let the songs
speak louder than words.

Don't re-invent the wheel.
Learn from previous success.
Let's re-make a proven Hit.
The Original - by The Original!


$100 per hour brings loyal lasting Love

For $100 per hour, you own a 100% custom hand-programmed Music Lover Channel,
fully licensed, documented, and logged, delivered to any HD2 Radio Station for syndication
(and/or) to the Global Streaming Distribution Server of your choice. You simply embed a Player
and Coupons "dispenser" in your participating websites.

Pay-Go Audiences
In adition to turnkey Programming at one low flat fee, you will purchase loyal Listeners one-at-a-time.
Actual cost is fractions of a penny for bandwidth and Artist Royalties. While our audience is small,
these fees remain modest. But success can grow those ha'pennies into six- or seven-figures annually.
Or limit the number of Listeners - make the Music a Prize for (10,000? 100,000?) Elite Music Lovers.

Added value:
Radio Ratings are theoretical audiences based on questionable statistical samples,
while webRadio charges only for each Listener for only as long as they listen.
You to harvest Rich Data relationships from interactive individual Music Lovers.

Ancillary Expenses
"Music Campaign" Marketing expenses shared across participating Products under Brand umbrella.

  • Brandcaster Music Lover Campaign(s) - per-Brand Agency & Creatives
  • Coupons/stickers insertion/imprints in/on all Products packaging.
  • Continuous fresh Agency-generated V.O. scripts &/or audio tracks.
  • Your Brands' websites w/Music Player & BrandCaster Coupons "dispenser".

What you get for $100

  • Turnkey Automated Radio Studio
  • 8,760 hours of Programming
  • 24/7 Pro DJ Talent(s)
  • 50,000 Song Library (to start)
  • Comprehensive Daily Logs
  • Channel Distribution Service
  • Facility/Utilities/Admin Ops
  • Exclusive Commercial Content
  • Full Brand Identity Integration
  • 100% Positive sustained PR
  • Monetized Playlists


  • Bandwidth
  • Artist Royalties
  • Coupons Campaign
  • Advertising & Marketing

Your Most Dependable Partner is YOU

The core proposal is to enhance your Corporate Image.
A single National Product can afford the <$1m base.
Spread across your Family of Brands? A pittance.


  • No single Product bears the low cost.
  • All Products share the "Music Lover" credit.
  • Cumulative loyalty & trust extend cross-Brands.
  • Innovation means zero competition

Not Pepsi - PEPSICO.

Not cheese - KRAFT.
Morning-Noon-Night. Families & Singles.

  Share The Expense

There are two points at which Client
can invite (one) non-competing Brand
to share in expenses and rewards:

  1. Audience Bandwidth & Royalties
  2. HD2 Radio Barter Channel

Maximium Monitization

Partner or affiliate with

  1. Music Library access
  2. Bandwidth server farm
  3. Coupons dispenser
  4. 5,000,000 music downloads
  5. Retail HD2 hardware
  6. Groceries/Pharmacies


  • Corporate Parent (Image)
  • Your Brand Managers (share)
  • Coupons Inc.
  • HD Radio Alliance
  • (Downloads)
  • RIAA/ASCAP/BMI (fees)
  • Sound Exchange (Royalties)
  • Your Agencies
  • Your Packagers
  • Your Family of Brands

All effective Solutions are always simple

Public Service - AT A PROFIT.
In The Web - "commercial-free" does not mean
"no commericals". Sponsors get NPR messaging to
drive listeners to your Website. Think ORG & EDU.

On the radio - "Brandcasting" integrates your
messages into our complimentary music mix,
so your Brand earns all the Music Lover credits.
And so the Music Never Stops!

B2C - plus B2B?
B2C - Our private Brandcast Channel is your
longterm incentive program for the public to
redeem coupons, purchase multi-pack products,
visit your website, press the "LISTEN" button
to share in your exclusive Music Lover Mix.

B2B - Offer your top Retail Chains (seperate)
Branded Background Muzik Channels - "free"
incentive for an in-store music system. Like....

"You're listen to Channel 7-11 on Pepsico Radio."


Own a Station? - Run a Station!
Owning a station involves paperwork and politics.
Conventional radio has tremendous advantages
over webRadio in flexibility, credibility, and cashflow.

But managing an FM-HD2 station in a small Market
brings all those benefits with minimal investment.
This is the wise route to National Syndication plus
Global Streaming - two media from a single source.

One Branded Channel? - Many Channels!
Certainly we start with one Showcase Format.
Once proven popular, we add multiple Themed
Channels all accessible with one Secret Code.

Response Research will also help determine
the perfect Music Mix to sponsor as our (one)
syndicated FM Weekend Show or HD2 Channel.

Once our Branded Music Network is active,
additional Channels are frugal flat-fee add-ons.
Beyond (pay-go) bandwidth and royalty fees,
all associated costs are covered by Channel#1.


Full Music Lover Platform

  • 24/7 Global Web Channel
  • 24/7 HD2 Radio Channel
  • Weekend FM Barter Block
  • Cable/TV Infomercial
  • Branded CD Collections
  • Amazon monetization
  • 100% Commercials Control
  • 100% Message Integration
  • 100% Music Lover Image
  • 100% positive P.R.

Under $1-m to launch & operate globally for one (1) year

Music - not Musicians
Before you spend (tens of) millions binding
your Brand Image to any individual Artist,
consider this: Music - not Musicians!

Hit Songs for Ads are too expensive.
Acts & Artists suddenly rise and fall.
But Good Music is good

Invest far fewer ad dollars in Music itself,
with no ties to any individual performer, and
you absolutely attract a wider audience while
earning sustained gratitude from all Artists
played on your Music Channel.

Rewards - not Prizes
Instead of one Big Ticket Prize (with painful taxes),
or a few dozen moderate Goodies (out of many
million eager entries), your Gift of FREE MUSIC
means everyone is a Winner! Not just one time -
everytime they buy your "Music Lover" products.

Yours is The Gift That Keeps On Giving.


Coupons - Trust, then Redemption
Begin with a trust test: print Music Codes
directly on each downloaded coupon.

Coupon, Inc.'s BrandCaster tracking codes
are unique, so you will know who claimed
each Offer and when it was redeemed.

When your Music Lover Image Campaign
is on the shelves, future purchase(s) are
then required to retreive fresh passwords
every (month) inside the packaging - also
tracked by Coupons, Inc technologies.



Leverage Synergies

  • Purchase required
  • Then another purchase
  • And another every (month)
  • Exclusive music "club"
  • Global reach via Web
  • Costs fraction of pennies
  • Brings hours of attention
  • ALL Music
  • NO Musicians
  • BY Music Lovers
  • FOR Music Lovers
  • 100% positive P.R.

The Win-Win-Win-Win-Win-Win-Win Solution

The Music
Brand credited with "saving" Music.

The Musicians
Each Musician wants to thank you
every time you play their song.
Again, when you pay their Royalty.

The Music Platform (Radio)
Redundant Hit Radio has failed Music
and lost all loyalty from Women.
Branded veriety programs

Music Lovers (The Listeners)
No matter how many how many favorites
are stored in their iPods, people want and
need Tastemakers to discover new songs.

Music Lover (YOU, BrandCaster)
Your Brands support ALL The Artists!
Your Listeners know you pay the Artists.

Sales (YOU, Corporate Brand)

  • Purchase-driven Music Reward
  • Coupon redemption tracking
  • In-store impulse upsell
  • Loyalty to Music Lover "club"

webRadio (24/7 w/coupons)
Global reach for $100 per hour.
(available via your Branded -
couponed - monetized site).

HD Radio (24/7 one small Market)
Advt. contract buys Content control.
Home Station partners on Syndication.
Why? Reduced Web Royalties rates.

FM Radio (Weekend Syndication)
(Special) Barter show (4-hr Sat/Sun)
"free" to target/partner Stations.
Also doubles as weekly promo for
your HD2 24/7 Channel & Stream.

Cable/Television (advertainment)
Growth? Try our Cult Music Mash-Up
Midnight Saturday Showcase.

Sales (Partner - Amazon)

  • Download music - singles
  • Download music - collections
  • Mail Order - CDs & DVDs
  • Sales - HD2 hardware
  • Sales - Wireless headphones

Music Lover Synergies

  • Coupon purchase required
  • Then another purchase
  • And another every (month)
  • Exclusive music "club"
  • Global reach via Web
  • Costs fraction of pennies
  • Brings hours of attention
  • ALL Music
  • NO Musicians
  • BY Music Lovers
  • FOR Music Lovers
  • 100% positive PR Buzz

The Long Version - still short and sweet

The Power of Music
Before humans spoke words, we communicated with music. It is a hardwired biological cornerstone of our psyches and emotions and imagination. New Music is exciting.  Good Music is irresistible.  Brain science insists popular melodies act as are a sensory-recall time machine.  Music is very "sticky" - it holds your attention.  In our fragmented world filled with limitless distractions, a song can lock your focus for a solid 3-minutes or more.  While iPod "shuffle" and Radio's robot redundancy are hit-or-miss Russian Roulette risks, a hand-crafted playlist by-and-for Music Lovers can be so compelling it stops time and makes people late! Artists rise and fall. Trends come and go. But their very best performances remain available, fresh and timeless, in recordings your Listeners can discover and download for 99-cents each.


Musicians cost too much
Pepsi gave Michael Jackson $35,000,000, promptly set him on fire and turned him into....Michael Jackson. Microsoft paid those Rolling Stones $35,000,000 for 30-seconds of one Hit, perverted advertising music placement costs for all of us, and ruined that song for everyone for all time. Big Events like Woodstock II can end with riots and lingering shame. Sponsored Tours depend upon the health of anorexic Talent, cost tens of millions, and make actual contact with only a few tens of thousands for a few short hours in limited geographic venues. Going "Country" guarantees disinterest and rejection by Rockers and Hipsters and Hoppers and Folkies and..... In short, the most dangerous marketing error made far too often is when your Brand hitches its star to a single Star.  Solition? Music, not Musicians.


Music is exeptionally cost-effective
There are countless benefits when you sponsor Music and not the Musicians. This choice spares you the myriad of problems inherent with all live performances - timing, logistics, weather, traffic, media, technologies, ticket sales, egos and human failures.... Recorded Music guarantees you are supplied with an endless variety of perfect performances from a single source to please any target audience of any size any-and-everywhere at precisely the same moment to create that shared experience you desire, including effortless delivery of all prepared messages you wish to convey to their attentive appreciative ears.


Music ain't free
Advertisers pay for all our "free" radio. Subscription fees pay for Music on cable, satellite, and some . Congress is ready to finally make Radio pay performance royalties too, so expect radio ad rates to increase.

"Music Lover" - the most positive Corporate Image of all
This is all any Brand desires - to create a Positive Experience over a sustained duration requiring minimal effort to generate significant buzz which builds sufficient loyalty and produce Product purchases within a precisely measurable audience. In addition to consumer appreciation, you will gain the deepest gratitude and support from all the Artists who receive valuable exposure via your versatile private Branded Entertainment Channel. Why? Not simply because you play their music - also because you educate your customers to this fact:  "Free" Music ain't free. And YOU are delighted to pay for it. Because YOU are the true blue Music Lover.


"Music Lover" - the Most uncomplicated Brands Group Campaign of all
Within this umbrella Corporate Image Campaign, each Brand has its own valuation method to deliver the Secret Code to giveaway FREE MUSIC for a week - or a month - or a year. A peel-off sticker on the box - or Code printed inside. A collectable Codecard insert inside every package. Use trackable barcodes from any downloaded virtual coupon. Require minimum purchases: 3-packs. 12-packs. 2-for-1s. Mix-n-match. Contests? Hundreds or thousands could win FREE MUSIC for a lifetime costing only a few dollars per year.


"Music Lover" - the most economical Music Incentive available anywhere
Launching your Branded Music Channel is a flat-fee pay-go plug-and-play proposition. Simply add a "PLAY" button to your website(s) and count the clicks. Track the time. Measure coupon redemptions. Inform the Artists. Spread the joy. Google the buzz.