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How Music Changed Colorado



In 1967, those 'Frisco Hippies felt it was time to spread their Gospel of Music...to Denver.

Who Really Killed The Hippies? This is THE True Story about idealists who shocked a community, transformed a culture, toppled a Government, and derailed a Revolution.

Big Fat Benny (Barry Fey) was a knit-sweater Folkie who urged Frisco's Founding Flower Children to come stage a Love-In in Denver - where Governor Love ruled (yep. his real name!) and the cops hadn't heard of Civil Rights. So them Hippies sent a Black Man to turn on the Red Necks - and decided to stay to build a Hippie Concert Hall and spread their Music Revolution - while one Cop sworn to destroy them broke every law he was sworn to uphold.

With legal weed in Colorado, this story from 50 years yon is as fresh as today's headlines - Youth vs Establishment. Bomb threats. Media promoting Fake News. A propaganda war that raged in schools, churches, on the air and in the streets ends with THE most shocking political bombshell of the '60s. Yet you've never heard about this story - because the Court Records remain sealed to this day.

A very "Roshomon" story about The Power Of One, told from three views; a vigilante Cop who violates his own laws, a Hippie Artist who keeps The Faith, and a Dreamer who doubted himself... until he saves the day and lives his own Dream instead of somebody else's.

The Power of The Individual. Times three.


ONE eager Dreamer


ONE authentic Hippie


ONE socoiopath Cop


Imaginary Casting

yeah, I wish. An ALL-MUSICIANS cast could be remarkable.

Barry Fey Video

Barry Fey brought the Hippies to Denver to stage one Love-In. They decided to stay, and built The Denver Dog as the first outpost of the Cultural Revolution. It's all his fault!

HORRIBLE AUDIO QUALITY....but almost worth a listen. A (lost) better version of this tribute vid was slapped together for one of Barry's induction or retirement events. Has a few rare Dog days pix.

Denver Dog Concerts

The Denver Dog didn't last long. But it changed Denver forever.

'Frisco's Family Dog was a collective, not a commune. Less a Business than a Religion. "May the Baby jesus shut your mouth and open your mind". MUSIC was their Sacrament. MUSICIANS were their only "preachers". Denver was to become the first waystation for top travellin' bands to stop between Coasts and rest awhile. And play The Dog.

local authorities and politicians made The Denver Dog more of a fortress than a sanctuary. It didn't last long. But it DID last forever!

Dog crowd

  • SEPTEMBER 1967:
  • 8-9: Eight Penny Matter | Blue Cheer | Big Brother & The Holding Company
  • 15-16: Superband | The Charlatans | Quicksilver Messenger Service
  • 22-23: ? | Mother Earth | The Grateful Dead
  • Sep 23 1967: FREE ""Human Be-In" @ City Park w/Grateful Dead
  • 29: Lothar & The Hand People | Captain Beefheart
  • 30: Captain Beefheart | The Doors
  • OCTOBER 1967:
  • 6-7: Eighth Penny Matter | Buffalo Springfield
  • 13-14: The Daily Flash | Van Morrison
  • 20th: Allmen Joy (Allmen Bros) | Canned Heat (BUSTED after Show)
  • 21st: American Standard + all local Bands (due to the bust)
  • 27-28: Allmen Joy (Allmen Bros) | Lothar & The Hand People
  • NOVEMBER 1967:
  • 3-4: The Superfine Dandelion | Blue Cheer
  • 7-8: The Other Half | Jefferson Airplane
  • 10-11: The Other Half | Sons Of Champlin
  • 17-18: Chuck Barry w/New World Blues Dictionary | Sons Of Champlin
  • end: Why oh Why didn't we have a Thanksgiving show?
  • DECEMBER 1967:
  • 1-2: Solid Muldoon | Jim Kweskin Jug Band w/Maria Muldar
  • 8-9: Siegal Schwall Blues Band | Canned Heat (so brave!)
  • 15-16: Jimmerfield Legend | Soul Survivors | The Box Tops
  • 21st: A Benefit for Sharie Duncan (injured CU student) Allman Joy + locals
    8th Penny Matter | Leopold Fuchs | Jimmerfield Legend | American Standard
  • 25th: Why oh Why didn't we have a Christmas show?
  • 29-30-31: Gingerbred Blu | Jimmerfield Legend | Allmen Joy | The Doors

Thus endeth The Family Dog in Denver.
Long live Feyline's Denver Dog!

Barry Fey never had hair

  • JANUARY 1968:
  • 12-13: Beggars Opera Company | American Standard | 8th Penny Matter
    (Otis Redding was scheduled...but he died in a plane crash en route)
  • 19-20: 8th Penny Matter | October Country
  • 26-27: Last Friday's Fire | New World Blues Dictionary
  • FEBRUARY 1968:
  • 2-3: Leopold Fuchs | The Fugs
  • 9-10: American Standard | Leopold Fuchs H. Bomb
  • 14th: American Standard (w/Tommy Bolin) | guest jam w/Jimi Hendrix
  • MARCH 1968:
  • 5-6: Blue Cheer
  • 8-9: Siegal Schwall Blues Band
  • 15-16: Climax Blues Band
  • 19-20: Cream
  • 27th: Canned Heat
  • APRIL 1968:
  • 6th: The Fugs
  • MAY 1968:
  • 3rd: Frank Zappa and the Mothers of Invention
  • JUNE 1968:
  • 8th: The Byrds
  • 14-15: Fever Tree
  • JULY 1968:
  • 19th: Blue Cheer (closed Dog with Band that opened Dog)

NOTE: Sometime in 1968 (date unknown), Barry got suckered. He booked a package of FAKE 'Frisco Bands hiding behind legal REAL names. Matthew Katz was a conniving Manager who OWNED the Band names: It's A Beautiful Day and Moby Grape. So sad Denver never got to see the originals. This rip-off con man Katz is why Jefferson Airplane had to become Jefferson Starship.

Dog crowd
NOT the Denver Dog...it is a Beach Dog - with VERY similar size and architecture.

Denver Dog Documentary

The Tale Of The Dog production COMPLETED Jan. 2020
YOU can help it get seen.

It's been 50 years yon. If you (or someone you know) hold MEMORIES of The Denver Dog, now is the time to share them. For posterity.

If you (or someone you know) possess media SKILLS or whimsical FINANCING to make this Dog Documentary all it could be for posterity, it is time to step up. Make history!

Denver Dog Screenplay

NOT connected with the Dog Documentary. A dramatization which takes liberties. Hollywood saw it years ago and said as one: "Vivid scenarios. Stagy dialog.". NEEDS A RE-WRITE. NEEDS TO GET MADE.

BONUS: This is a movie about building a nightclub. If we REALLY build it while we shoot it, we will OWN a landmark cash club before our film is edited!


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