Creative Marriage Vows That Work


Repeat after me—
Me. Me. Me.
Me First. Me Alone.
With you and without You.

I dedicate each Moment of my Lifetime to craft
one Memorable Character who will always play
The Best Me I can be in this Movie of My Life.

For my own God is an Almighty Studio Exec
who expects to be Entertained. My Soul Role is
to play my Part as if Real Life depends upon it.
Because it does.

I, ___(your name here)___, being of found Mind,
do hereby pledge to Believe with all my Power
that this Life is truly a Movie, and thus must
remain forever Free to write my own Script,
to develop my own Talent, and to cast my
own Co-Stars.

These are the Dues I vow to pay each day
to live My Life as an original Work Of Art.

To make Great Art takes two people.
One, the Great Artist. The Other,
to tell the Artist when to stop.

(turn to face your Co-Creator,
repeat together in perfect Harmony:)

Beloved Collaborator,
I will re-write Your Script
if you will edit Mine.
And if we Create a Hit,
we negotiate Our Sequel
1,001 Nights from now.

(Shake hands, while both agree)


(Sign Your Contracts, then kiss and fondle
dramatically, host a Feast, then get to Work!)

Copyright © September 11, 2001
  Marc Arno
Revised January 1st, 2012